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I'm not're crying

We believe that your wedding video needs to be a story about you and the people who were there. We want your video to bring back all the emotions of how you felt that day and look less like a venue's promotional video. 

When WE film and edit, we pay extra special attention to the little story lines that write themselves throughout the day. 

The dad that is tearing up on his way to seeing his daughter for the first time, the moment during the vows where you broke into nervous know the good stuff! 

Just remember, in 10-20 years from now, you are going to care less about what fancy video transition WE used and care more about looking through your images with your kids and them teasing you about the hairstyles you had and the killer dance moves they didn't know you could do on the day you got married!

Feature Films.

Rachel + Nick

Mint Springs Farm TN

Full Screen

Ashley + Justin

Pensacola Beach FL

Caroline + Riley

Piedmont Park Atlanta GA

Full Screen
Full Screen

Kacie + Keyton

Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville TN

Emily + Mark

Big Sur CA

Full Screen
Full Screen

Insta Edits.

Feature Films.

Full Ceremony. From all the angles.

Catie + Brook

Heartwood Hall Memphis TN

Maybe it's time we make 

this official...

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